Why Choose Us?

Easy to Book an Experienced Yoga Teacher!

Yogi2Me is the first company in the well-tech industry focused on providing high-quality Yoga teachers straight to your door. Our mission is to make practising Yoga as convenient and personalized as possible. It takes no time to book a teacher for a private yoga class to suit busy schedules. We’ll send one of London’s top Yoga teachers straight to your home, office, or even a park nearby!

Through our app or website, you can select your preferred time, type of yoga and choose your own teacher by getting a feel for them by watching short bio videos on the website. Yogi2Me teachers have been hand-picked based on their level of experience, teaching abilities and their personalities. Your teacher will arrive with a mat, two blocks and a belt to assist the session. If you require more materials, simply drop us a note before your booking and we’ll be happy to make the necessary arrangements.

With Yoga made available to suit all levels, Yogi2Me offers classes for everyone! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or drop us a message

Why Choose Us yogi2me Why Choose Us yogi2me

Yoga for Everyone!

New to Yoga?

You really don’t need to worry, we’ve all been there. Start off your Yoga journey by trying out our Beginners Yoga class. It will introduce you to the foundations of Yoga and help you discover what Yoga is all about in a safe, fun and playful way!

No time for Yoga?

Are you living a fast-paced lifestyle in London and don’t have time to attend Yoga classes? With Yogi2Me, you can fit Yoga into your busy schedule by using our app to book a teacher straight to your home or office with just one tap.

Feeling stuck in your current practice?

If you’re an experienced practitioner who needs to be challenged or is seeking to improve upon a different style, then contact us! One of our senior teachers will help take your Yoga journey to the next level.

Manage a Yoga Studio or a Gym?

If you’re sick and tired of managing yoga covers and finding new instructors, then consider delegating with Yogi2me. It will help your operations flow smoothly and allow you to maintain your zen!

Why Choose Us yogi2me
Why Choose Us yogi2me