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Y2M Story yogi2me


My name is Sarah and I’m the founder of Yogi2Me.

Two years ago, after a long career in banking which spanned from Luxembourg to Bermuda Island and with eight years in NYC in the middle, I finally made the decision to let it all go for yoga. I was in London at the time and I was maxed out with the politics and ego massaging in the board rooms.

I decided that the time had come to throw away my stilettos and suits in favour of going barefoot on the mat and being a full time yoga teacher. This went really well and I loved being a full time yoga teacher – but something was definitely missing for me:  After booking my first on demand massage through an app in March 2016, I was inspired; maybe this could also be a great way to book yoga lessons going forward?

I will always remember that light-bulb moment when I was explaining my massage experience to my partner and literally at the same time we both said…. “What about mobile yoga teachers?”

I had always believed that yoga should be made more accessible to people willing to practice. Instead I realised that a lot of people couldn’t fit group classes into their schedule or were simply too intimidated to attend them. As a yoga teacher, I also saw that I was commuting far too much in order to teach my classes and needed to optimise my schedule, reducing my travelling time.

Yogi2Me does exactly that. Users can fit yoga into their schedule by choosing a teacher to come to them at any time, added to which, the teacher can choose where and when they want to teach.

We launched the first version of the app in Oct 2016 with 25 teachers covering south-west London. Now we have 50+ experienced teachers covering central London and more, providing private yoga lessons and even corporate yoga classes in London.

The future looks exciting and we are even looking at expanding into other cities so make sure you stay tuned!

Love & Blessings

Sarah – A.K.A  @TheFrenchyYogini