Easy guide 7 chakras: discover more about your energy points

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  Chakras are energy points consisting of “plexuses”, centres of nerves, vein and arteries that operate in the body to maintain balanced “prana” (Sanskrit for energy flow), so that the…

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yoga men

Yoga and real men… In 2018!

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Everyone, in my opinion, needs to do yoga in some form given the stresses of modern life. Young people, old people, men and women but the vast number of people…

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5 reasons why you should try Yin Yoga

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Let’s talk a little bit about Yin Yoga. This slow and meditative form of yoga is restoring, relaxing and good for both the physical and the spiritual body. In Yin…

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mental health yoga

How Yoga Can Improve Your Mental Health

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Today, October 10th, is World Mental Health Day, a great way to remind you that our mental health, is just as important as our physical health.   SAY YES TO…

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best way to start yoga

Best Way To Start Yoga: top tips to begin your practice

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Wondering what is the best way to start yoga? Starting a new activity can sometimes be scary… Which yoga? Hatha? Vinyasa? Ashtanga? Looking at the schedule of some yoga studio can…

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5 meditation tips on helping you start a daily practice

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Humans are very habitual beings. Most days, every action we do is out of our habits, information stored in our subconscious minds and from things we have built in the…

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What is ‘stress’ and how can we utilise it?

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With September just around the corner and Autumn approaching, we wave goodbye to the Summer and hello to ‘back to school’ and back to work. This sudden jolt from the…

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Yoga snack: coconut energy bites recipe

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In our newsletter a couple of weeks ago, we discussed mindful eating and it’s relationship to your yoga practice. We also shared with you some tips of what to eat…

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Food and Yoga? what and how you should be eating to improve your yoga practice

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When it comes to doing any form of exercise, it can be difficult to know what foods to eat before and after you get moving. Sometimes we find ourselves peckish…

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6 Upcoming Brands Discovered At Balance Festival

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Stated as the “hottest health & wellness event in the UK”, our 3 days at Balance Festival was action-packed with many wonderful encounters. Mixing passion and pleasure is always a…

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