Springfulness: 3 Simple Habits for Daily Mindfulness

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This spring, Yogi2Me wishes to capture the patience and stillness that nature presents by introducing to you, top tips and offering workshops around London. With our happiness guru Stephanie Peltier,…

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Awaken Your Heart Chakra in 7 Steps

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Approach Valentine’s Day (or Galentine’s Day) this year with a quiet mind and listen to your heart. Give yourself the love and attention this year first and foremost, loving yourself…

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How To Open Your Heart

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You know those people who ooze calmness and serenity? When they smile and the world just smiles back? When their happiness is infectious and they leave the most heartfelt impression…

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What is Dharma Yoga?

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Alix Inness is a French dharma yogini, who teaches Vinyasa, Hatha Yoga and Yoga for Beginners on the Yogi2Me App. She’s just finished the 500-hour Life of a Yogi teacher training…

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The Healing Power Of Sounds: Q & A with Harriet Emily

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Sound Healing is fast becoming one of the biggest movements in wellness, and today we wanted to share with you some of the tales and experiences that Harriet – one…

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Why You Should Try Gong Meditation: Q & A with Leo Cosendai

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The Huffington Post had a short Q&A with our Y2M instructor Leo Cosendai who provided more details on Sound Healing. We thought it was worth sharing it to learn more…

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Cure your festive over-indulgence

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It was the time of year which we all guilt-free self-indulgenced with abundance, from party to party. The festive season is behind us and now you might see and feel…

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How to be mindFUL rather than mindFULL

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We can all agree on that incredible free feeling when our environment is neat, organised, and decluttered right? But there is something a little more important… Most of us are…

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What every yogi needs to know about their pelvic floor

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The pelvic floor may be overlooked, but it definitely shouldn’t be! Elvie, the Kegel trainer changing the world, one vagina at a time, tells us what we need to know…

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How Yoga Changes Your Brain

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Y2M expert Steph Peltier – from The Happiness Society – tell us why yoga is considered to be a medicine for the mind and how it can help you beat…

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