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Are you caught up in your thoughts and finding it hard to be present in the moment? Are they holding you back from having fun, success and resilience? More love? MORE HAPPINESS?”


Don’t fret! Most of us are going through it too! Research demonstrates that we spend 67% of our waking hours caught up in our thoughts, overthinking, ruminating and worrying about the future.


This would mean that YOU ARE ONLY IN CONTROL OF 1/4 OF YOUR LIFE !!!! Yes, we think it’s crazy too!


The good news is that we can condition ourselves to avoid this, train our brains to be more present, engage more with life itself and detach ourselves from the negativity which sometimes floats around in our heads: that’s the beauty of mindfulness.


3 tips to incorporate mindfulness into your daily activity


Mindfulness practice can be time consuming so here are 3 tips to help you easily incorporate mindfulness into your daily activity and boost your happiness levels:


1- Gratitude: every evening before going to bed, write down 3 good things that happened that day. This will boost your positive emotions and, in time, improve your ability to be present in the moment.


2- Yoga: the most important element of a yoga practice is your breath and being present in the moment as you practice the physical postures – in other words practicing yoga is a win:win!


3- Each time you ask someone “How are you?” listen to their answer and truly engage with who you are speaking to (most of the time, it is a sentence we use as an opener and we never really listen to the answer)


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Written by Yogi2Me Expert Steph Peltier  – from The Happiness Society – our Happiness guru leading Mindfulness & Happiness workshops in London.