5 reasons why you should try Yin Yoga

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Let’s talk a little bit about Yin Yoga. This slow and meditative form of yoga is restoring, relaxing and good for both the physical and the spiritual body. In Yin Yoga, unlike the Vinyasa styles of yoga, practitioners stay in the asana for longer periods of time. The time spent in the pose can vary from 45 seconds up to 5 minutes or more, depending on your teacher and where you are placed in your practice. Yin Yoga is a challenging practice, not only because your body releases very deep in to the stretch, but because you are required to calm that busy mind of yours.

How? By being reminded to remain still and grounded! Yogi2Me has a selection of outstanding Yin Yoga teachers, who can help get your Yin on!

If you still need more convincing here are 5 reasons to why you should try Yin Yoga:

1 – Sometimes we just need to cry

While practicing Yin Yoga we work with our connective tissue, also known as fascia. This network of communication runs all through our body; deep within our muscles, surrounding our bones and working to keeping our organs in the right place. Doctors have during recent years acknowledged our fascia, as not only sending communications up and down our body, but also as acting as a storage space for our emotions and experiences, sort of like, an emotional memory card. Yin Yoga is one of a few practices when we actually reach our fascia (it takes about 2.5 minutes for the fascia to react to tension) and when being stimulated we can work on releasing emotional blockages. Maybe you will feel like crying, and it’s OK… On your mat, with a Yogi2me teacher, it is the perfect place to do that!

2 – You want to be “better” at your dynamic practice

If you would like to increase your flexibility and be able to go deeper into your other dynamic practices, Yin Yoga is a fantastic way to help you do that. Yin Yoga also gives you a place to invite the balance of Yin and Yang to your life. With Yang being your day to day life, your dynamic practice and other fast paced experiences we live through, enjoying a regular Yin practice invites a space to restore the balance. When we are balanced, we are better. At everything.

 3 – Sometimes all you need is to do nothing

You find your stretch in the pose, your breath, you relax and then you do nothing. All the good stuff happens even though you are still. Oh no, don’t think that Yin Yoga is a lazy practice…try to stay in baby dragon for 5 minutes and then tell us that again. Yin also gives you a dedicated time to just breath, feel and listen to your body.

4 – Coming back to yoga

Not all of us bounce back easily to exercise after a break. Maybe you have been off the mat for a while, due to injury, or maybe you have just been enjoying a holiday. Whatever the reason might be to why you feel a bit apprehensive about jumping back on to your mat Yin Yoga is a fantastic “back to yoga” practice, as it can be as intense as you require. Yin Yoga will also draw your attention by reminding you how to connect with your breath, move with it and release in to the tension, by working with it, not against it.

5- Looking for something more than the physical practice

If you are ready to take your yoga practice to the next step with a bigger emphasis on the spiritual practice, Yin Yoga can be perfect for this. Inform us when you book that you would like a spiritual practice and our teachers can help you achieve this! As the practice is slow and at times quiet, inward gazing is welcomed and accommodated through the poses, connecting your physical body with your spiritual body, and with guidance from your teacher a deeper connection can be explored.

We have a selection of talented Yin Yoga teachers at Yogi2Me, and we can also provide you with a fantastic teacher who offers Yin Yoga that finishes with a soothing Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath… oh, total bliss!

Written By Maria, one of our amazing Y2M teacher. She is a Yoga teacher specialising in Yin and Restorative Yoga but she also likes to mix things up with a relaxed HATHA flow.