best way to start yoga

Best Way To Start Yoga: top tips to begin your practice

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Wondering what is the best way to start yoga?

Starting a new activity can sometimes be scary… Which yoga? Hatha? Vinyasa? Ashtanga? Looking at the schedule of some yoga studio can leave some of us perplex.

Depending on your intentions you can choose a practice more suitable to you. Do you want to:

– lose some weight? sweat with Ashtanga/Vinyasa yoga

– learn how to relax? let it go with Yin yoga

– gain on flexibility and breath control? experience Hatha yoga

– get your body ready for your childbirth? prepare with pregnancy yoga

– practice with a partner and fly in the air?  take off with AcroYoga

If you are living a fast paced lifestyle it could be difficult to fit a yoga class in your busy schedule.

If you rather want a vetted yoga teacher to come to you on your terms, then Yogi2me will provide you access to a lead pool of experienced and dedicated teachers from Ashtanga, to Pregnancy yoga. This way you don’t have an excuse!

If you didn’t like your first class give it a chance and try another studio or another teacher. It generally all comes down to the teacher leading the class so give it a chance to find the right fit.

When you find the Yoga type and teacher which gives you a yoga glow, set yourself a realistic goal. Try to fit a few classes a week and/or try to combine it with some self practice.

Aim to target the same type of yoga class so you can see quickly the benefits. Repetition leads to progress and perfection which is why practicing the same sequence for a while is recommended when you get started. After some times you can include it to your own routine. Aim for 20 minutes a day before breakfast! It can be hard at start but it’s the best to start your day!

The good thing with Yoga is that it gives you energy.

You will see the benefice of the practice and the positive impact on your daily life quickly if you give it a real try. Then it’s easy to stay consistent with it as it can be completely addictive!

You will improve your flexibility, build some physical strength, to make your body less vulnerable to stress-related matters. What Yoga tends to strengthen the most is your mind. By starting those positive actions for your body, you will bring positive thoughts for your mind.

So take your mat and start your yoga journey today!