Planet Organic Yoga Event

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We are on a roll this year (if we do say so ourselves)! It’s only January and we’ve already had our first yoga event with Planet Organic!

It’s safe to say everyone had a fun yoga class, which Yogi2Me’s very own Nick Elisseos, Jon Cinque and Sarah Drai were grateful to be a part of. We were also very happy to receive goodies from CorkYogis and YogaWillSavetheWorld. Both of which went down a treat after an exhilarating class!

It has been a great start to the year so let’s keep it this way Team Yogi2Me. We believe that group yoga events are a great way to encourage people to give yoga a try. They are also great places to meet like-minded yogis! So, sign up to our newsletter and keep a look out for our next event – we would love to see you there!

Planet Organic

If you do not know about Planet Organic yet then you are missing out on something very special!

Established in 1995, Planet Organic provides an abundance of organic produce around the United Kingdom. By having a delivery system, in addition to their physical stores, they make it effortless for everyone to embrace ethical eating! Planet Organic cater to many dietary preferences with their extensive organic range. Within their massive selection of produce, it is easy to find gluten-free food, dairy-free food and also an increasingly impressive variety of raw foods.

The very essence of the Planet Organic ethos is that food should be wholesome and natural. The company strives to be an advocate for freshly prepared, ethical food that is purchased with a conscience.

As the food industry becomes increasingly industrialised, so too does the prevalence increase of chemicals, additives and artificial ingredients in our food. Choosing to shop organic helps to eliminate these unnecessary nasties from our diets. And, this in turn can protect our bodies and preserve our health!

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