The Healing Power Of Sounds: Q & A with Harriet Emily

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Sound Healing is fast becoming one of the biggest movements in wellness, and today we wanted to share with you some of the tales and experiences that Harriet – one of our Y2M’s Gong Master – had since beginning her healing venture in sacred sounds and vibrations.

Since when did you discover with the Gong and Sound Healing?

I first discovered the Gong after a Kundalini Class I had taken at the age of 18. I was new to both practices, and bathing in the powerful vibrations of the gong after a transformational kundalini session, sent me into a state of being which I had never experienced before.

It was through the gong that I was able to achieve the ability of detaching my mind and my thoughts from myself. No longer a slave to my thought forms, I found myself in deep trance state, which sent me into a blissful balance and relaxation. The gong washed away all that was no longer necessary from my being, and after that class I walked away feeling like a new person.

It wasn’t until two years later that I fully reconnected with the gong and healing power of sound again. I had experienced numerous gong baths during this period, which I really enjoyed, however my intention at that time was purely set on relaxation.  It wasn’t until I was sat at home one day later on, surfing the internet, that I discovered there was a whole modality around the healing power of sounds, frequency and vibration.

Tell us more about the healing power of sounds, what are the benefits?

As soon as I began to read into this process, and found evidential results and proof of its effects, I just knew that it was something I had to train in and discover for myself. I very quickly found a school, and signed up to train with them straight away.
All I can say is that since I began to play the gong, crystal singing bowls, Himalayan bowls and other sacred instruments – I instantly noticed profound shifts happening within my life. The pure tones and vibrations of these tools, changed the pattern and vibration within my energy, creating healing from past issues, and a removal of blocks which I had experienced in the past. Not only did I feel like I was receiving powerful healing from this practice, but I also began to notice the positive effects it had on the people I would play the instruments to.

In my heart, I just knew that somehow, this practice worked for me. With each day, each new experience and each new miracle that happened, I could only trust in it more.  I also experienced an entire new feeling of joy and fulfillment from playing these instruments. My heart felt full and I knew I had found one of my passions in life. I knew I had found my purpose.

Where do you host your soundbaths?

Since the beginning of my sound journey, I have been very fortunate to have toured around California hosting soundbaths, played with Marianne Williamson, and held sound healing experiences throughout London and the UK. I feel very blessed to have discovered sound healing, and be able to share something I love with so many people around the planet.

Do you fancy experiencing a Sound Healing for yourself? Book Harriet on the Y2M App in the Wellness Services category! Let’s get gonged! 😉 

The Healing Power Of Sounds: Q & A with Harriet Emily yogi2me