The various styles of yoga

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With so many different styles of yoga to choose from, it can be hard to know where to get started on your yogic journey. Each style has different benefits to offer, and they can vary in suitability depending on your existing ability! Read on to find out which type of yoga we offer and may be best suited to, and how your mind and body will benefit from embracing this spiritual practice.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha is a traditional term used to describe any of the physical practices of yoga.

On the whole, Hatha Yoga is great for relaxing the mind, releasing tension from the body and improving strength and flexibility. Therefore you can expect to experience all of these results when you practice regularly.

There are many different types of yoga included under the Hatha label, and all are concerned with using your body in some physical way. There are some that are perfect for beginners and some that are better suited to those who are more experienced. As there are so many different types of Hatha Yoga it is impossible to say how difficult each individual will find a particular class.

Vinyasa Yoga

In a Vinyasa Yoga class students will flow from one asana to the next whilst paying close attention their breathing. It is one of the most popular forms of yoga practiced in the West.

Vinyasa means moving into a special place in a special way. The goal is to align breath and movement to reach an active meditative state or Vinyasa Krama.

Vinyasa Yoga has both physical and mental health benefits. The physical aspects of this practice help to energise the body, strengthen the muscles and increase flexibility, whereas mentally it can help to focus the mind and encourage clarity.

Vinyasa Yoga is accessible to all levels as there is something for students at every level of their practice. This also means that difficulty will vary from class to class.

 Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga has a heavy focus on holding seated postures in order to strengthen and improve the muscles in this area. The poses are generally held for between one and ten minutes, and will provide both a physical and an emotional feeling of release.

Reduced tension in the joints, as well as improved flexibility, are noticeable results of practicing Yin Yoga. The relaxing meditative aspects of this kind of yoga can also contribute to an improved overall sense of peace and wellbeing.

Yin Yoga is suitable for everyone, and those who engage in high intensity sports, or those who experience high levels of stress during their day, can find relief for the body and mind through this practice.

The asanas involved with Yin Yoga are themselves not generally considered to be difficult, but the length of time that the poses are held could initially be considered difficult for beginners. However, as you persist with your practice your mind will soon adjust, just as your body will!

Pregnancy Yoga

As the name would suggest, Pregnancy Yoga is a style of yoga to be undertaken during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Yoga helps to promote relaxation, as well as improve flexibility and keep the muscles loose. It is specifically designed to support the body through the changes experienced during pregnancy. This type of yoga can also help to relieve the symptoms of common problems experienced during pregnancy, such as lower back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and sleep problems.

Because Pregnancy Yoga is designed to be a gentle and inclusive practice that any pregnant person can participate in, it is totally suitable for absolute beginners and is generally not difficult at all.

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The various styles of yoga yogi2me