Yoga for a Better Libido

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It is totally normal to lose interest in sex from time to time, but if you or your partner have been lacking in the libido department for a while, then you might be looking for answers!

A change in hormone levels, medication, illness, a poor sleep cycle and stress are all potential reasons for a lack of physical desire, and many of the underlying reasons for a low libido are linked to poor blood flow.

Pinpointing the problem is the first step to getting your sex life back on track. But, even if you don’t know exactly why you’re not getting in the mood, studies show that yoga can improve your sex drive! This is mostly thanks to how flowing through the asanas improves the flow of blood around the body. However, better blood flow is not the only reason that yoga is great for your libido, and the emotional advantages are key.

Practicing yoga can help you to decrease your stress levels, find peace in your mind, and to better understand yourself, your wants and your needs. As Sarah, the founder of Yogi2Me, revealed in Grazia last month, “Yoga helps us to better connect with ourselves and our partners, physically and sexually”. When you reach this place, you may soon find that your sex drive becomes more consistent and your sex life becomes everything you want it to be!

Squeeze Your Mula Bandha

Mula Bandha is a fast-track way to better sex! And, you are much more likely to hold onto your libido if you are enjoying good sex!

Mula Bandha is a yogic concept that is involved with channelling and encouraging the flow of energy through the root chakra. It also helps to tone the pelvic floor muscles, which can improve the intensity of your orgasms.

In order to apply Mula Bandha you must learn how to contract and relax the perineal muscles in sync with your breathing. You can then action this as you hold each yoga pose!

To do this, imagine that you are trying to stop the flow of your urine. The male version would be, “lifting your third leg without using your hands”, says Sarah!

Yoga Poses for Libido

The following poses are perfect for getting your blood flowing. You can try adding them to your existing yoga practice, or simply engaging in them daily for a few minutes!

Bound Angle Pose (Baddha Konasana)

Yoga for a Better Libido yogi2me

This hip opening pose stimulates the heart, which gets the blood flowing around the body for better circulation. Holding this pose will immediately improve the blood flow to the pelvic area, and optimum blood flow in this part of your body is connected to arousal.
Stay in this position for a few minutes, breathing deeply in and out as you do.

Bridge Pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana)

Yoga for a Better Libido yogi2me

Bridge Pose creates an intense stretch for the hips, and holding this pose actually provides some of the same benefits as doing Kegel exercises.
Once you feel your buttocks engage. You can now try to apply Mula Bandha as you bring the hips slightly higher.
Hold your body in this position for between four and ten deep breaths, before slowly lowering the spine back towards your mat to release and exit the pose.

Now that you know just helpful yoga can be for boosting the libido, are you ready to bring your mat into the bedroom to get your Sun Salutations on?!