Cancellation, Refund, Rescheduling Policy


You acknowledge that you do not have the right to cancel a booking under statutory regulation. However, you are entitled to cancel bookings in accordance with this Clause. 

If you change your mind about your booking prior to the appointment time, then you may cancel your booking but a cancellation fee will be charged as per below. Any cancellations of your bookings should be made online via the App. In the event that the App is not operational, you can call our Customer Care line on +44203 958 4017.



-Within 5 minutes of having confirmed the booking (“Grace Period”), it is free to cancel. 

-More than 48 hours prior to class commencement, there is no charge for cancellation 

-Between 24 and 48 hours prior  to class commencement, there will be a 50% charge of the booking fee amount 

-Between 24 and 2 hours prior  to class commencement, there will be a 80% charge of the booking fee amount 

-Within 2 hours of prior to class commencement, there will be a 100% charge of the booking 


You will be charged the full booking fee if you: 

-Cancel a booking other than permitted above 

-Attempt to cancel a booking on or after the appointment time 

-Fail to attend a booking at the appointment time and/or at the correct location. 


We charge a cancellation fee to compensate the teacher because the teacher will unlikely be able to make another booking where you cancel with short or no notice. 


We may waive our right to cancellation fees in our sole discretion in exceptional circumstances. 


Note all refunds are processed immediately but can take up to 10 business days for the bank to complete. 



You can reschedule your Class booking via the Y2M Website, Y2M App or via the Y2M customer service telephone number on 02039584017.

If the client reschedules within 5 minutes of booking it is free of charge; otherwise, the below charges are applicable. 

-Before 48 hours of class commencement – Free of charge 

-48 to 24 hours of class commencement – 15% fee 

-24 to 2 hours – 30% fee 

-Less than a 2 hours – cancellation policy applies and unable to reschedule class 


If you wish to extend the time you have booked, the teacher will endeavour to fulfil your request subject to availability and this will require another additional booking on the App (subject to min 45 time slot). If you are delayed and unable to meet your booked appointment time in excess of 10 minutes, the end time of your class will not be extended. If you are late in commencing your class by less than 10 minutes, the teacher is not obligated but may, at his/her sole discretion extend the class to provide the full booked time for your class. 


If you have any questions or complaints, Y2M can be contacted directly at Y2M will remain the point of contact for you for customer service questions. Y2M shall also, if requested, provide intermediary services between you and an Independent Contractor in connection with customer service or dispute resolution matters.


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