Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness yogi2me

We teach science-backed tools for Resilience & Happiness

We help individuals, teams and organisations unlock their enthusiasm, creativity and resilience from within.
Yogi2Me brings focus, clarity and resilience to work.
We offer Mindfulness and Happiness courses along with wellness experiences to put the theory in practice.
Our team is composed of Happiness and Mindfulness Gurus, Gong Masters, Yoga instructors and meditation teachers.
We’ll pick our top specialists an create a program tailored to your business to keep your staff zen.
Corporate Wellness yogi2me

We understand the importance of a happy working life!

According to the UK Department of Mental Health, mental health issues such as depression and anxiety account for almost 70 million days off sick per year, the most of any condition. This translates to an average cost of over a £1000 pounds per employee annually.

A recent study conducted by PriceWaterhouseCoopers also exemplified ‘a wealth of evidence’ indicating a positive correlation between wellness activities in the workplace and improved business KPIs.

Companies that invested in employee well-being had 40% less absence.

Read our E-book : “The Economic Incentives of Bringing some Zen into your Workplace”


Choose a wellness program tailored to your specific office needs. 

Yoga & Meditation : We send top-notch yoga teachers to take over your meeting rooms and to bring some yoga & happiness to the busy bees in your office. We offer all Yoga types for all levels shall you need an energising vinyasa class to start or close the day or a clamming Yin class to get your zen on

Need some zen in your team ? Get them gonged by one of our Master  in Sound Healing & Gong Bath meditation 

We provide science-backed techniques to empower individuals and help them achieve their full potential with  Mindfulness & Happiness Workshop or lunch breaks

Corporate Wellness yogi2me

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Corporate Wellness yogi2me