Frequently Asked Questions

General Yoga:

I have never been to a class before. Where do I start?

  • We suggest you request a beginner’s session and add the information to the notes section when booking.  

How do I choose the best yoga class?

  • Yogi2Me offers several styles of yoga but every teacher is different and you may want to sample a few in order to find the type that resonates with you.

I am not flexible – can I do yoga?

  • Yes! You are a good candidate for yoga if you are inflexible. Yoga will improve your flexibility especially if you feel tight in certain areas of your body.

Is anyone too old for yoga?

  • No! There is no age limit for yoga – it is a lifelong practice. The class can be modified to suit all ages and levels of fitness.

Do I need to book classes in advance?

  • You can book classes in advance through the app or through the website. Classes can also be booked up to an hour before commencement of class time although it will depend on teacher availability.

Do I need to buy my own yoga mat?

  • Yes, please have a mat available. The teacher will bring along their mat plus other required equipment.

Can I go to a class if I have an injury?

  • It depends on the nature of the injury. You must tell the teacher before starting the class whether you have any injuries so they can modify accordingly. We recommend you speak to GP or specialist if you have concerns about taking a yoga class. Details of any injuries can be captured at the time you make your booking on the App

Can I eat before a yoga class?

  • We recommend leaving a gap of 2 hours after a large meal although each individual is different in terms of digestion. If you feel you must eat something within the 2 hours just make sure it is a lighter snack.

What do I wear?

  • Please wear comfortable clothes that you can easily move and stretch in. We suggest stretchy leggings, tops, t-shirts, baggy bottoms or shorts. It is useful to have a jumper and socks handy for relaxation at the end of class.

What happens if the weather becomes really bad just before or during an outdoor session?

  • Your teacher will be prepared to adapt your session to suit the weather. Unfortunately we can’t be held liable for any unforeseen weather conditions.


Yogi2Me Yoga Etiquette:

Once you’ve booked your class and your teacher arrives, we also have some simple to follow etiquette procedures:

– Your teacher will arrive on time, so please make sure that you are at home, and ready for class to start at the time of your booking. At the unlikely event of a teacher running late, you will be notified of the situation and their updated time of arrival.

– On your first yoga class with us, your teacher will hand you a liability form to fill in, so please make sure that you have filled this before you begin any form of practice with us.

– Please communicate to your teacher if you have any injuries, or conditions which prevent you from partaking in any of your yoga practice. Our teachers are here to support you, and will adapt your class to guide and support you.

– Once you have finished your class and your teacher has left, we will send you a follow up courtesy email to see how your class went. If you have any feedback, please do let us know. We are here to generate the best service possible for you.

– We recommend booking weekly private classes with us to receive the greatest benefits of our service. If you would like to change your yoga style or teacher at any time, you can do this easily through our app.

– Booking cancellations and amendments may incur a cost. Please call our concierge line if you need to make any urgent changes.


Yogi2Me App:

How do I download the app?

  • You can download the Yogi2Me App from the iTunes App Store.

What services does Y2M offer?

  • Yogi2Me offers on demand yoga classes from Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin or Pregnancy. Our teachers have been hand picked for their experience, ability and personality. With Yogi2Me you get a yoga teacher at a time and place that fits your schedule at your preferred location.

Which areas of London does Y2M cover?

  • We are covering central London, Zone 1 and most of zone 2. If we are not operational in your area, please call our concierge line at +44 20 3958 4017 and we will do our best to accommodate.

When can I book classes?

  • Classes are offered between 6am and 9pm including Saturday and Sunday.
  • You can book a class at any time via our App.
  • You can book classes at any time however note we will take our last booking at 9pm for the next morning classes starting from 6am to 8m.

Can I request a particular teacher?

  • As long as they are available, you can choose your teacher before booking the session. You will be given the option of choosing a class by teacher or by time.

Can I gift a session?

  • Yes! We will provide a personal coupon that you can give as a gift. Please call us on our Customer Care line +44 20 3958 4017.

How much is a yoga session on Y2M?

The price of the class will depend on the length and the number of attendees.

  45mn 60mn 90mn  
Y2M Yoga Teacher £65 £69 £90  
First additional attendee – Free £-    £-    £-     
Each additional attendee £10 £15 £20  

Do you have a referral scheme?

  • We do! If you have an active Yogi2Me account and would like to refer a friend, they will get £15 off upon downloading the app and booking their first class. In return, you will get £15 off on your next booking.  

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation Fees

  1. Within 5 minutes of having confirmed the booking (“Grace Period”), it is free to cancel.
  2. More than 48 hours prior to class commencement, there is no charge for cancellation
  3. Between 24 and 48 hours prior  to class commencement, there will be a 50% charge of the booking fee amount
  4. Between 24 and 2 hours prior  to class commencement, there will be a 80% charge of the booking fee amount
  5. Within 2 hours of prior to class commencement, there will be a 100% charge of the booking

You will be charged the full booking fee if you:

  1. Cancel a booking other than permitted above
  2. Attempt to cancel a booking on or after the appointment time
  3. Fail to attend a booking at the appointment time and/or at the correct location.

We charge a cancellation fee to compensate the teacher because the teacher will unlikely be able to make another booking where you cancel with short or no notice.

We may waive our right to cancellation fees in our sole discretion in exceptional circumstances.


If the client reschedules within 5 minutes of booking it is free of charge; otherwise, the below charges are applicable.

Before 48 hours of class commencement – Free of charge

48 to 24 hours of class commencement – 15% fee

24 to 2 hours – 30% fee

Less than a 2 hours – cancellation policy applies and unable to reschedule class

Note all refunds are processed immediately but can take up to 10 business days for the bank to complete.

How do I give feedback on my session?

  • The app will prompt you to rate your teacher after you’ve completed the class. If you’d like to tell us more, please do contact us on

How do I contact Yogi2Me?

  • You can contact us at or via our Customer Care line on +44 20 3958 4017.