3 in 1 Yoga Class With Tatler @ Vogue House

3 in 1 yoga? That’s right, it’s possible!

It was one of our most memorable moments of 2016 when we held a 3 in 1 yoga class. The event itself was hosted by Tatler Magazine at Vogue House.

Sarah Drai, a Yogi2Me yoga instructor, started the practice the Ashtanga way with some classic sun salutations. Nick Elisseos, another member of the Yogi2Me family, spread the love and made more friends introducing some partner yoga.

We closed the practice with a delicious Gong bath with our very own Gong Master Leo!

Our 3 in 1 yoga class got the attention of Vogue! They quoted us here as the number one app to practice yoga from the comfort of your home! If you haven’t practised yoga at home before then you may not know just how great this can be as both a spiritual and physical practice. So, let’s take a look at some of the amazing advantages to yoga lessons in the home!

Why Practice Yoga at Home?

If you are new to yoga then being in a comfortable environment whilst you get to grips with the basics can be extremely helpful. It is not unusual to be intimidated by a new experience in an unfamiliar environment, and getting started with this activity in the comfort of your own home could mean you are much more likely to continue with it.

Take it Slow

When you practice yoga at home you are able to set your own pace, and approach each pose with your own intentions. Whether you are practicing at home alone, or with a Yogi2Me instructor, you have much greater freedom to ease into the pose, and to hold it for as long as you feel comfortable. This is, of course, something you are always able to do in a group class if you prefer. However, not feeling like you need to keep up can give you greater freedom to take it slow!


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