3 tips for your New Year's Wellness Resolutions

We all know it can be hard to plan & stick to our New Year's resolutions, but it doesn't have to be!

Here are our 3 tips to start 2020 on the right foot....

1. Get your resolutions out of your head & write them down.

This can increase your chance of achieving them by up to 85%!

2. Make them 'SMART'

Make sure each of your resolution are :

S - specific

M - measurable

A - achievable

R - realistic

T - timely

3. Have your resolutions on display so you can remind yourself of what you are aiming to accomplish.

eg. Save them as a screen saver on your desktop, pin them on your fridge. Make it something that is visually appealing to YOUR eyes!

Now that you have defined them, break them down to execute them.

Here is an example:

Practice meditation for 10 mins per day by the end of January.

Week 1: Begin with 5 mins meditation every other day - this is less daunting & you'll feel like you are achieving something - when you feel good about a resolution you are more likely to stick to it!

Week 2: Meditate 4 days for 10 mins every morning.

Week 3: Increase this to 6 days.

Then by the last week of January you will be meditating for 10 mins every day!

Here is another example ...

Improve flexibility.

But wait!

You need to make this resolution SMARTer

What does 'improve' look like for you?

This might mean bending over & being able to touch your toes, or to sit with your legs crossed without discomfort.

And what is your timeframe?

Let's change this to:

'By the end of the first quarter 2020 I would like to have a regular yoga practice in place so I am able to touch my toes without difficulty'

Share your resolutions with a loved one to help hold you accountable & keep you on track.

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