5 Ways To Stop Buying Junk You Don’t Need!

Aparigraha is based on the concept of non-possessiveness, or non-greediness. Aparigraha is the opposite of parigrah and refers to keeping the desire for possessions to what is necessary or important depending on one’s life stage and context.

Aparigraha is the ability to see the problems caused by acquisition, preservation and destruction of things since these things provoke attachment. To help you better understand and embrace this concept we have put together the following tips!

De- clutter

Take an afternoon to go through your wardrobe and decide what stuff you no longer need. Do the same in all other rooms in your house. Put it all in a bag and give it to charity. Take a second to think about how most humans collect lots of stuff that aren’t really necessary. And with that thought in mind, follow the next step.

Make a list

When we’re unprepared we’re likely to make impulsive decisions. Ask yourself honestly, do you really need this? Or is it purely just a materialistic purchase to satisfy a constant need for wanting things you don’t actually need. Then ask yourself whether you would appreciate the purchase more or less depending on how much you spend on it. And then, decide what you would like to get, and write it down.

Pay with cash

Once you have a budget and you decide to go shopping, take some money out and leave your credit card at home. Paying with cash will help you to stick to your budget and avoid scary credit card bills at the end of the month.

Keep away from the shops

Avoid hanging out in shopping centres during the sale seasons unless you need to. That way you won’t give in to the temptation of that ‘Special New Year Offer Limited Time Only’. Retailers are clever, they know our weak spots, so don’t risk it!

Let’s DO this!

Make purchases that will result in positive experiences for you and the people around you, especially when buying gifts for others. The benefits are endless, no need to buy wrapping paper, you are creating long lasting memories! And, you can choose an experience that you can do together so you also benefit from your own generosity!


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