Benefits of Yoga for the Mind

The amazing benefits for the body of practicing yoga regularly are not to be overlooked, but the advantages of this spiritual exercise do not end with the body! Yoga is also an amazing way to protect, preserve and promote health within the mind. And, this is something that anybody can take advantage of. In fact, if we think of the brain as a muscle, then it is a muscle that can be made much stronger with yoga!

Which Type of Yoga is Best for the Mind?

Some types of yoga are arguably more relaxing than others, but when it comes to the benefits for your mind, the type of yoga is not overly important. Each variety of this ancient practice can be advantageous to your mental health, and promote relaxation whilst combatting stress and anxiety.

Furthermore, there is evidence to suggest that yoga, and in fact any low-impact form of exercise, can actually help to maintain cognitive function. This is great news for your memory, your concentration and your abilities!

Finding the Time

A common misconception surrounding yoga is that you have to partake in a lengthy session to enjoy the rewards – both physical and mental. When it comes to being able to mentally benefit from yoga, this is something that can certainly be achieved to a certain degree in a relatively short practice.

For example, if you were to be experiencing moderate to high levels of stress and anxiety, then taking a 10 – 20 minute break from your day to practice some light yoga, or even rest in a seated meditation, could help to relieve your symptoms and reset your mind.

Breathing Techniques

Within yoga there is a heavy emphasis on not only being aware of your breathing, but also controlling your breath as you work through the asanas. Breathing deeply in a conscious and deliberate way is a great method for promoting a sense of calm, and for releasing negativity from the body.

As you focus on your breathing, you will be less able to keep worries and anxieties at the forefront of your mind. This is something that you can train your brain to adapt to, and utilise in any situation to tackle stresses as they arise.

The Power of Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is a process that you have to instigate yourself and work to maintain. Encouraging yourself to undertake regular yoga practice is conducive to persistent positive thinking. This is because it equips your mind to better embrace this state.

Yoga and meditation are both effective tools for balancing the nervous system and regulating the stress response systems. This is especially useful for reducing the impact of stress and anxiety upon the body. When you are struggling less to deal with these things, positivity can permeate your mind and flow through your thoughts much more freely.

Getting Started

Starting your yoga practice is the first step towards enjoying the endless benefits for your body and mind that it can provide. Downloading our app today simplifies this first step, and within a few moments you could have booked your next private yoga session!


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