Five Steps to Set Realistic Goals

This is the perfect time of the year to sit down and think about where we want our lives to go, to ask ourselves what makes us happy and how to get there, to set realistic goals for the New Year. Lets start dreaming!

The Big Picture

It’s much easier to embark on a journey when you know your destination. Similarly, when setting goals it’s easier to figure out how to get to your end goal when this one is clear. So, first of all, ask yourself where you want to be in five years. Divide this into the main areas of your life: family, career, financial, romantic, etc. You can then write your five year ‘destination’ down.

Set a Timeline

Work backwards from the general goals that you have set, and define smaller goals. Start by setting one goal per year, leading up to your ‘destination’, and then divide that yearly goal into 12 monthly, and each monthly goal into four weekly goals.

Check Your Limitations

Revise this list of weekly, monthly and yearly goals and ask yourself if you have the skills, time, money and space to achieve these. If not, are you able to find these assets? If you are, write down the tasks you need for this as sub-goals. If not, set a more realistic goal which you are able to achieve. Think outside the box!

Be Positive!

Once again, go over your list of goals and sub-goals and make sure they are all written as positive affirmations. So, instead of writing: don’t make this mistake again, you could write: find a new way to do this. Add some rewards along the way, so when you achieve a monthly goal you can treat yourself to a massage, for example. Bliss!

Take Time Off

Dedicate one day per week to doing something that makes you happy and has nothing to do with your general goal. This tip is particularly important if you are only focusing on one main goal. For example, if you’re devoting all your energy to a career goal you have set up, make sure you spare some time to hang out with friends, to do some yoga, or for a bit of romance 🙂 Taking time off will give your brain and body a break and allow you to come back fresh to accomplishing your goals!


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