Group Classes vs Private Yoga Class: What’s the best for you?

Making the decision to go to the best yoga teacher in London is an amazing choice for your body, mind and soul. However, the process of choosing a good yoga class to go to can quickly become quite overwhelming!

Group Classes Vs Private Yoga

Group classes are a great way to practice, but private yoga really develops your technique and understanding in a much deeper way. You can book a class with Yogi2Me and see for yourself.

Group Yoga Classes

Attending a group yoga class can be especially great for the mind and soul as you absorb the positive energy of those around you. You will also feel more connected to your community and build bonds with others in the class.

However, if you are new to yoga, you might feel out of place in a group class. Also, when the room is full of yogis with only one teacher for all, the possibility of injury increases; especially if you are beginner and are not sure about the positions.

Private Yoga Classes

If you are looking to get serious about enhancing your yoga practice and fine tuning your knowledge, then a private class may be the best choice for you. A class of this kind will be specifically tailored to your ability and your goals, and special attention can be given to perfecting the asanas.

When you are booking a private yoga instructor to come to your home, to your place of work or even to teach you in the park, then you want to know that you are getting expert instruction. This is why Yogi2Me app is an amazing choice as it simplifies this process.

When you use the app you can quickly discover which teacher is right for you, by watching short bio videos of the Y2M teachers.

Making the Choice

There is no reason that you have to settle with the first yoga teacher or group class that you come across! But if you’re serious about developing your yoga practice then we would recommend you first start with a private class. At Yogi2Me, we are lucky to have some of the best teachers in London.

Download the app now and pick a teacher that suits you


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