Kids yoga - the ultimate interactive video game!

“Are we there yet? Are we there yet??”

Anyone else feeling stuck in isolation and we don’t know how long until it is over?

Parents across the world are faced with endless days of educating, entertaining and enduring their children. We’ve all done the family activities of baking, cycling, playing video games, but week after week the thrill can wear off.

Companies are seeing a gap in the market for parents who want to provide their children with growth and fun while at the same time giving themselves a break from the continuous company of their children.

The Body Coach Joe Wicks has created 5 minute workouts to get kids “happy, fit and confident” and full of energy. A great way to keep kids active and moving their bodies while confined at home.

There is also Go Noodle designed to “tire kids out” with games to get kids off the couch and engage their minds.

As well as providing children with cardiovascular exercise and arithmetic challenges it is important to focus on their mental health, just as their parents need to.

While they are young children also need to do activities to help them improve their motor neurone skills, coordination and creating body awareness. They can build their confidence and increase their body awareness, an invaluable skill for children as they head into puberty.

Yoga and meditation can give children poses to improve their flexibility and balance, and games to keep their minds active and creative. Let’s face it, these days we want them to be physically and mentally active so they can sleep well at night to give their parents much needed rest.

A regular fun practice of yoga and meditation helps children to deal with stress during lockdown.

It can be as easy as switching on cartoons when you play them YouTube Kids to keep them occupied and moving.

But maybe your child needs a more individualised class to make them feel special. Kids yoga can be themed to spark their imagination (think jungle, pirates, space) and the interaction with the teacher allows them to have a class designed for their level of practice and capability.

Due to the current climate of Covid19, yoga practice has changed temporarily to online classes only. Fantastic news for kids at home missing their friends and social activities as they are able to do a class online with their friends!

Kids yoga is the ultimate video game!

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