Sculpt The Future support: "Yoga off the mat"

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

As a yoga business it’s critical we contribute to humanitarian efforts by volunteering in our communities and by supporting the volunteers who are making a real change to safeguard our planet. Gaia, aka Mother Earth is sick and the time to act is now.

Additionally, the world is full of vulnerable souls who cannot access what we take for granted, such as light, so we owe it to them by supporting those who dedicate their lives to making real impactful changes. This is what we call Karma Yoga, the Yoga of action, the Yoga off the mat.

“There is nothing more important than Karma Yoga right now. We don’t need more yogis showing off their asana practice on social media, we need the Yoga of action, the real Yoga off the mat which has an eternal impact” says Sarah Drai, the founder of Yogi2Me.

Our most recent mission at Yogi2Me is to support global efforts to save the planet and that is why we decided to support Sculpt the Future Foundation.

Yogi2Me will be supporting Sculpt the Future by donating £1 for each service booked on our platform allowing our clients to share their wellness experience with the planet.

“To launch this initiative and create more awareness we decided to double the donation till the end of 2019. We will be giving away £2 per booking and create more awareness on initiatives and projects supported by Sculpt the Future Foundation by sharing those projects with our audience.

Sculpt the Future was founded in 2006 by David De Rothschild, a British adventurer and environmentalist who also studied Naturopathic Medicine in London. David travelled from San Francisco to Sydney on a boat made of 12,500 plastic bottles glued with cashew nuts and joke!

To know more Google ‘plastiki boat’

The aim of Sculpt the Future is to promote positive environmental change towards global sustainability by supporting creative, innovative and sustainable action.

They have supported creative and inspiring projects such as the Global Lighting Project from My Shelter Foundation which uses recycled plastic bottles as solar light bulbs. The project provides energy to poor families in the Philippines and enables them to be “green” as the technology is very simple and sustainable and the light is free.

Another project they support is the Galapagos Conservation Trust who work to empower the local youth in making a positive sustainable difference in their community by reducing single-use plastic bags.

Commenting on the initiative David said, “I am excited and grateful for the support that Yogi2Me is making towards Sculpt the Future Foundation. Their commitment allows us to keep making grants and supporting the passionate individuals and groups that work tirelessly towards sculpting a healthier planet”.