Springfulness: 3 Kundalinis Mantras To Benefit The Mind

This spring, Yogi2Me wishes to capture the patience and stillness that nature presents by introducing to you, top tips and offering workshops around London. With our happiness guru Stephanie Peltier, we will be leading talks on the scientific theory behind mindfulness and happiness, and how to obtain it. Alongside meditation classes and sound healing gong baths for you all to taste and experience first-hand with some of the best teachers in London.

As a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, mantras are a huge part of my daily routine. In the morning, I chant mantras during my spiritual practice. On any journey out, I listen to mantras on my phone while travelling. When I’m sat at my desk, I play mantras in the room. While I sleep, I listen to mantras. But why do I do this? Mantras are particular words and vibrations that carry a specific sound current to generate healing and change within the subconscious mind. As we pick up thousands of thought forms throughout our day, and store them in our subconscious, it’s important that we also feed our minds with the power of these healing mantras, so that they generate the positive shifts and changes we want in our lives. Without them, we let the patterns from our subconscious rule our day and ways of thinking.

1. Suniai

Suniai is the mantra of deep listening. It stems from the 8th Pauri of the Jap Ji (a Sikh holy book), which helps grant grace and expansion to the human mind.  I play this mantra each day to integrate the ability to truly listen to my soul and stay in alignment with my purpose in life. I also use it as a reminder to be more aware of those around me, so that I really take the time to listen to others when they are speaking to me so I fully understand what they are trying to communicate, and that I can be of help to them in the greatest way possible.

Try it: Recite the 8th Pauri mantra 11 times along to Snatam Kaur’s 11 Recitations of the Jap Ji

2. Aad Such Jugaad Such

Aad Such Jugaad Such Hai Bhai Such Nanak Hosee Bhai Such. This mantra is used for removing blocks. I love to work with this mantra by playing it in my sleep to help work through any stubborn thought forms and patterns which I’ve built up over the years. It’s a wonderful mantra to play for removing negative thoughts, which hold you back from achieving a goal or something you desire. This mantra has really helped me gain greater love and respect for myself, and admiration for my efforts towards the goals I’m trying to achieve.

Try it: Practice the Mandhavani Kriya to help remove blocks from your life

3. Aad Guray Nameh

Aad Guray Nameh is a powerful protection mantra, which helps to connect you to the energy of the universe. I chant this mantra before I begin any spiritual practice and before I drive, leave the house or go somewhere new. I love chanting this mantra is it is a wonderful reminder to know that I am safe, and everything will be okay.  Telling myself that I am protected each morning, by using this mantra, is a great way to get the mind out of ‘survival’ mode and start my day feeling rooted and safe within myself. 

Try it: Practice the meditation for protection and projection from the heart

If I feel particularly connected to a mantra, I will use one of the following methods to integrate it into my life: I either find one of the meditations which uses the mantra and connect to it using the physical practice as listed above, or chant the mantra along with a recording (you can find plenty of Kundalini mantras on Apple Music and Spotify), or add it to my sleep playlist so that its vibration works on my mental capacity while I’m asleep.


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