Springfulness: 3 practices to integrate mindfulness into your life

Each day, more people are becoming increasingly aware of their mental health and the power of their thoughts. For me, mindfulness is about becoming aware of the way your mind thinks, and gradually detaching yourself from each thought you have, and take the pressure off of your mind. When we detach ourselves from a thought form, we take it less seriously. When our mind doesn’t see something as a priority, it begins to drop the thought form it has around it, and eventually clear it from the mind.  Therefore, my view of becoming mindful involves reducing the seriousness around a thought so that we drop it, move on and develop a clearer, emptier mind. Emptying the mind is such an important practice in my daily mindfulness work. I decided to share three simple practices with you to try, that really helped me get out of my mind, feel myself at home in my body and become aware of myself.

1. Sound Healing

As a sound-healing practitioner, I have witnessed thousands of people’s beautiful experiences with sound. On my journey, the spiritual, mental and emotional healing I gained from listening to different frequencies and vibrations of sound was incredibly profound. By listening to a specific sound frequency each time my mind begins to overthink, I have found myself instantly drop back into a state of peace, and drop the thought I was previously worrying about. Also, taking an hour out of your day to go to a sound bath – or to book in for a private session, is a great way to really integrate the practice into your life, as you can benefit from receiving a whole hour of beautiful tones and sounds from numerous healing instruments to bathe in.

Try it: the best way to try sound healing is to book a session and experience it in an hour session. Try it here

2. Dancing

One of the best things I do to de-stress is dance. Whenever I put on some of my favourite music and dance, I instantly feel ten times better than I did before.  Just taking a few minutes a day to play the track of a song you love while you dance to it, is the simplest way to generate a mood boost. Moving your body to music is a great way to stop thinking, as your brain switches its focus onto the rhythm of the sound, and coordinating the body’s movements to it. Also, if you’re playing a track that makes you feel good, your mind will instantly switch to thinking about all of the positive connections it has to that song.  Dancing is definitely one of the most incredible ways to relieve your mind, and forget about whatever you were thinking about before you began to move. 

Try it: create a playlist of some of your favourite songs, and dedicate at least one track a day to dance to. Or find one of the various different dance classes in London and try it out one evening.

3. TRE

TRE, or Trauma Release Exercises are a series of movements, which cause the body to tremor so that it releases the stress and fear, which we have built up and stored within the body. We have all felt the physical strains of stress in the body. Whenever I practice TRE, I allow my body to shake it out of my system and I instantly feel so much lighter, grounded, and at home inside of myself.  It’s a simple practice that you can try at home at the end of your day or before you go to sleep so that you physically release all of the experiences you have carried with you throughout that day. It’s the perfect practice for if you feel you’re someone who needs to let go of things more easily.  Try it: to try TRE, it’s recommended you first book a session, as the postures are very specific. You can book a session at different Yoga studios throughout the city. There is also an app you can download to keep up with the practice at home, called – StressLessTRE which is available on the Apple app store.

Do you have a favourite practice to integrate mindfulness? Let us know your tips below.


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