It's Black Friday soon - please stop buying stuff no one needs!

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Here we come, gift season is around the corner…at a time where environmental issues and the sustainability of our planet are at the forefront.

What do your loved ones need? A new bag, a new pair of shoes, a new yoga outfit, or a new mindset?

In yoga philosophy, we find the concept of non-possessiveness, or non-greediness called Aparigraha.

Aparigraha is the ability to see the problems caused by acquisition, preservation and the destruction of things since these things provoke attachment. This is the time, more than ever, to review this concept and see how it can influence our shopping behaviour. Most of us like to shop, but it’s good to be aware of what we buy and to shop consciously. Aparigraha teaches us that we don’t need a new shirt, we don’t need to buy that new cushion because it goes well with the sofa, and we definitely don’t need a new car, a better one than that of our neighbours.

We know that what we own ends up owning us. We expend valuable nervous mental energy to get it, worry about keeping it and then grieve when losing it.

How many clothes do you have in your cupboard that you know you won’t ever wear again, but they’re still hanging in there just in case? How many gadgets, ornaments, books and shoes do we have that we don’t need? Giving away to charity is therapeutic, but be careful to not use it as an excuse to clutter with new things again!

We don’t need to live like monks and give away everything, but we need to be balanced and shop consciously. Gifts are similar. The intention behind a gift is more powerful than the gift itself. If you spend time on a DIY gift, that gift will stay and is unlikely to end up in a charity bag.

Before racing to the stores for gifts this year, take the extra step back to think twice of what would create joy. It could be an experience to share instead of a thing to use.Experiences provides good memories which will last forever. In other words… stop buying shit no one needs!

If your loved ones need more wellbeing in their lives, if you heard them saying they should do yoga or learn to meditate, if they had a New Year’s resolution to take better care of themselves but ended up caught up in life, then you know where to shop!

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Enjoy the experience along the way!

Did you know that for each experience booked with us, Yogi2Me donates £2 to the Sculpt the Future Foundation, who works to promote positive environmental initiatives towards global sustainability.

This is what we call wellness for your loved ones and and for the planet!

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