The ultimate way to create a stress free environment at work...

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

Imagine if there was a simple solution for your business to reduce absenteeism by 40%, and accidents & injuries by 50%! You could boost your team morale, reduce stress and improve loyalty to your business.

The reality is that yoga, meditation and mindful practices in corporate settings result in exactly that!! These practices have a huge positive impact on your employee’s mental and physical wellbeing.

The importance of improving workplace wellness...

It is now more important than ever for businesses to consider their employees’ wellbeing to differentiate themselves and stand out as a conscious workplace. Yoga and meditation provides a break for busy workers who will experience the benefits of a strengthened mind and body, mental clarity and fortitude.

Millennials will soon make up the majority of the UK’’s workforce and they are more conscious than ever of having a healthy work-life balance. Mindful activities that help improve their mental and physical health are fun and social, helping them to think highly of their workplace. It shows their employer values them and their health, and is willing to invest in their wellbeing.

But don’t just take our word for it!

A scientific interpretation of yoga & meditation benefits at work...

Leading psychologists and neuroscientists are beginning to recognise how yoga and mindful behaviour can turn off our stress responses whilst triggering our relax responses, and prevent us from becoming overly emotional and impulsive - ideal for stressed employees!

A regular meditation practice decreases the neurological connection part of the brain responsible for fear and stress, and forms new pathways to the parts responsible for focus and decision making. It’s proven that more meditation increases productivity and completing just 15 minutes per day can result in a 22% reduction in mind wandering.

*PricewaterHouse Cooper conducted a study that showed companies with a high wellbeing score have a 45% lower cost of productivity compared with the lower ranking companies. Investing in employee wellbeing increases morale for workers and increases loyalty to a company that cares about their health.

*A study conducted by MetLife revealed that almost 30% of employees are considering leaving their current role if their stress levels don’t improve, but this can be avoided!

How to implement yoga in your office...

It's never been easier to do!

Where? All that is needed is available space (like a meeting room) and a yoga mat each.

When? Classes can be before work to channel energy for the work day ahead, during lunchtime to provide a refreshing break, or after work to release any built up stress.

Which style? To learn about all the different styles of yoga you would need to be a patient wise yogi!

So we have broken the main styles down for you...

Beginners - learn the basics of yoga poses, meditation & breath work.

Vinyasa - flowing from one pose to another with your breath - a popular & challenging class!

Hatha - holding poses for longer than vinyasa, while you breathe and settle into a pose.

Yin - holding poses for a few minutes targeting a deep, relaxing stretch in your muscles.

Kundalini - practice poses, breath work and chanting to wake up dormant energy in your body - a power practice!

Meditation - learn to stay present and better deal with an active mind

Sound healing & gong bath - lie down, relax and let the calming sounds soothe you

It’s not only yoga that can positively affect our work day.

Meditation is proven to reverse the impact of stress on our minds and bodies, enabling us to better regulate our emotions and become more comfortable with thoughts and emotions that arise because of challenging situations.

How often? As little as one yoga or meditation class per week can reduce symptoms of work related stress, anxiety, workplace conflict, customer complaints and staff replacement costs. This said the more classes the better and with a daily meditation practice the healing benefits are incredible!

Yoga and meditation classes and wellness workshops bring workers together and create a stronger bond in teams, and to the business overall improves collaboration, compassion, performance and sparks innovation. The benefits are life changing!

Whom? Office yoga and meditation is accessible to everyone regardless of their age or experience. A good yoga teacher is able to tailor the class for all abilities, offering more challenging or easier options, and ensures each person leaves the class feeling fantastic, refreshed and ready for their work ahead!

If you think your workplace could benefit from stress-reducing yoga or meditation classes, Yogi2Me provides classes throughout all of London zone 1, 2 and 3.

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