Why Savasana is the hardest yoga pose

Savasana (corpse pose) is the final asana (posture) performed in every yoga class, you know the asana that looks like you are taking a nice nap. But do not underestimate the art of relaxation. Savasana can be the most difficult pose to your practise. It is actually the hardest asana of all the asanas, and the one people have the most trouble with.

It is a pose of deep stillness and total relaxation. A fully conscious pose aimed at putting the body to sleep whilst remaining completely awake; in a deep relaxed state. Its level of relaxation is directly correlated with the quality of practise preceding it.

How To Do Savasana

Begin by lying on your back with the palms open, feet falling outwardsTake here a scan of the body; if there are any areas of discomfort now is the time to attend to them. Use props to help relieve any stress and aid in comfort.

Then comes the hard part of the pose;

Close the eyes, and begin to still the mind by turning the focus and attention to the natural rhythm and flow of your breath, inhaling completely, exhaling fully.Simply allow thoughts to come and go without any judgement.Then, just notice. Become aware of what it feels like to be completely still in this very moment for 5-10 minutesBefore you come out of Savasana, Set an intention. Take a snapshot of how you feel on every level. Ask yourself what you’d like to take with you from your practise, and what you might leave behind. Seal these observations into your psyche with an inner smile, and then enjoy a deep inhale to awaken and emerge into your day once again.

Each time we step onto our mats we are being offered a fresh start and time to evolve. Savasana solidifies these new beginnings after each practise.

The Hardest Part Of Any Yoga Class Is Wriggling My Toes And Fingers After Every Savasana

Savasana has many health benefits for our minds and bodies, the main one being: It Helps Us Surrender To The Moment And Become Fully Present

As soon as you lie down on the mat and close your eyes, your mind will start to wonder … notice it and try to connect back to your breathe; don’t let the mind conquer you; conquer it! Mind-wandering is what makes savasana the most challenging posture!

So as it turns out Savasana isn’t just a nap at the end of each yoga class, it’s the most important asana of all. Remember all of this goodness the next time you meet your mat, and I challenge you, don’t you dare skip Savasana. Soak it all up.

See You In Savasana !!


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