Keep up with your yoga practice while staying safe at home & stream a teacher to your room...

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Hasn’t life taken a strange turn?

For us at Yogi2Me we were confined within London's M25 where we could move freely and visit our clients at home but now that we are confined at our homes we can teach yoga to the rest of the world!   For most the ‘new normal’ means keeping 2m away from people, working from home, and no more adventures in the outside world. These challenging adjustments could dishearten us, or we could see it as an opportunity to do things differently. Let’s not think of this as ‘self-isolation’, but rather ‘physical-isolation.

It is still possible for us to interact with each other online and keep up our yoga or meditation practice, and now also include our friends and family from afar! Due to the ability to stream a class online we can enjoy a yoga class with our sister in Paris or our best friend in Sydney! This is a chance for us to unite as a community and form stronger bonds. Using technology in a time of crisis to stay connected and keep up our yoga and meditation practice. Start your day with an energetic vinyasa class, or close your week with a restorative yin class. Organise a lunchtime class for your colleagues to keep them focused and refreshed while working remotely from home. Your children can even do a kids yoga class with their friends from school making sure they stay happy and healthy during their time away from school. Of course there are some amazing YouTube channels to watch like Yoga with Adrienne, and even kids channels like Cosmic Kids Yoga, but there are so many advantages to practicing with a live teacher: - Your teacher can see your technique and give you verbal adjustments when needed. - Your teacher is there to guide you and motivate you to keep going and do the whole class. Way less chance of you losing enthusiasm! - You can connect with people and build an online community to practice with. - You are interacting with a real teacher who can see you and who can tailor a class based on your own preferences, maybe you want to work towards crow pose, or have a longer meditation, they can include this for you. Plus, when life goes back to normal, this way of practicing will be a great option for when you are travelling for work or on holiday, giving you the means to see your regular teacher. Being away doesn’t mean you have to stop doing yoga or meditation, take your teacher with you online! For teachers as well using live streamed classes means they can practice in a whole new way with their students. Creating group classes reaching people from all corners of the globe. Let’s make sure we reach out to people in our community and stay positive to keep spirits up. The lack of physical human interaction doesn’t mean we will be lonely. If anything this new way of living gives us the chance to reach out to people we wouldn’t normally see and share a wellness experience with them. You can practice with your tribe and help each other get through this challenging time. We will come out the other side stronger and more connected.

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