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Give a try to the sound healing meditation London in the comfort of your home. Put simply, Gong meditation is a powerful sonic practice that enables one to experience how it feels to step out of the reality we are all taught since day 1. Sound Healing Meditation is fast becoming one of the biggest movements in wellness. It is believed that the first Gong Bath was accidentally made over 4000 years ago.

Sound healing combines ancient instruments; like gongs, crystal singing bowls and Himalayan singing bowls to create a meditative journey of sound and vibration. It’s a very easy practice for people to experience and relax to, as it requires the receiver to simply lie down on a yoga mat with their eyes closed, while the practitioner plays their different instruments.

You can use specific frequencies such as 432 Hz, known as the vibration of creation, or 518 Hz, known as the ‘love frequency’ vibration. The instruments are also played in specific beats and rhythms, which help alter the state of the brainwaves, so that the receiver is able to enter a trance-like, meditative state naturally.

The sounds really do all of the ‘work’ for you. As the you hear them, it’s easy to quickly drift into a meditative state as soon as you close your eyes. This makes sound a very accessible way to relax. People are looking for a quick fix, and sound healing definitely offers this, whilst also providing long lasting benefits.

Sound Healing in London

You can receive sound healing through attending a group sound bath session, which you can attend in a studio or workshop space You can also book 1-1 tailored private sound healing sessions with a practitioner, if you prefer to experience meditation alone in the comfort of your own home. Give it a try with Yogi2Me’s Gong Masters!

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