Wellness Services

Wellness Services yogi2me

Sound Healing and Gong Bath: Sound healing has been used in various cultures for thousands of years. It helps facilitate shifts in your brainwave state. By listening to percussive instruments like gongs and Tibetan singing bowls, we can reduce our normal beta waves….. Read More.

Mindfulness and Happiness workshops: We are offering individuals and/or corporate groups tips and advice in bite size chunks that they can slowly introduce into their lifestyle and work environment.
All our workshops and programs are one of a kind in London!….. Read More.

Thai Yoga Massage: Thai Yoga Massage is an experience combining passive yoga postures and traditional massage.  It’s an eastern form of therapy which has been used for centuries to treat illnesses of the whole body… Read More.

Pranayama & Meditation: The breath controls everything, therefore learning to control the breath is the most important tool one can ever obtain. It allows us to remain in control of our mind and our body, which allows us to control our life.

The benefits of a regular simple practise of breath work reduces anxiety and depression, lowers/stabilises blood pressure, increases energy levels, relaxes the muscles, decreases stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed, and allows you to be more fully present, enjoying the beauty of every moment.