Office Yoga

Office Yoga

“Sitting at my computer for hours makes my back feel great.” — Said by no one, ever

We send top-notch yoga teachers to take over your meeting rooms and to bring some yoga & chill time to the busy bees in your office.

Whatever your corporate wellness needs, from yoga, to meditation and mindfulness, or Thai yoga massage & sound healing, we cater for all. Yogi2me is your one stop wellness go to.

Yoga has been well documented for its capacity to reduce stress and improve overall health. At work, lower stress equals a greater satisfaction, creativity, productivity, higher energy levels, boosting happiness, and reduces absenteeism, the overall total of sick days. Incorporating mindful practises into the work place effectively has proven to benefit both employers and employees.

For the Employer:

  • Reduction in sick days (which accounts for around 160million lost days per year on average)
  • Reduction in stress, anxiety, and depression (the leading cause of long-term absence)
  • A happier workplace atmosphere
  • Relationship strengthening (team building)
  • Accelerated learning and creativity (yoga stimulates right brain function)
  • Employee happiness
  • Improvement to posture (musculoskeletal disorders are responsible for 10 millions lost working days per year)

For the Employee:

  • Calming the nervous system and therefore maintaining a clearer balanced mind
  • Improved workplace atmosphere
  • Relationship strengthening (family life, intimacy, friendships)
  • Emotional balance and release of frustration
  • Greater connection to personal passions, feeling embodied and knowing yourself more fully.

Happy, healthy people make a better workplace! The office on yoga = 86% more smiles in the hallway.

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